Sonic Illusions

Ann Eliza


This software was developed as an alternative to the usual FFT analyser programs, which commonly only support single precision arithmetic, and if they do support double charge a premium for the privilege.  Double precision is mostly useful for theoretical work, but some benefit is possible with high measured performance converters at high signal levels.

Development remains in the early stages, but it serves as a useful tool for assessing the performance of audio devices.  Using ASIO for the soundcard support enables cards like the E-MU 1212M to give their full performance capability, and OpenGL accelerates the drawing, while also giving the possibility of convenient 3D representation of data.

There is a simple test version available in the download section, which is limited to 24/192 mono operation with a 65536 sample window.


LynxTWO loop back measurement

LynxTWO loopback FFT


Experimental interpolated 3D view of a speaker impulse response

3D speaker impulse response