Zero One Audio Ti48 Transport


The Ti48 is an upsampling CD audio transport with the capability to archive music to its internal Hard Drive.

Lightweight Transport

Lightweight Transport

The Lightweight is a non-commercial fanless solid state design for easy transportation.

DIY Transport and DAC (Starlight Project)

DIY Transport and DAC

The DIY Transport and DAC project is something for DIYers to play with and experience a new level of CD playback.

Discrete DAC

Discrete DAC

This audio D/A uses no integrated circuits to perform signal conversion, but instead a discrete R-2R network made from hand-matched resistors.

Discreet DAC

Discrete DAC

This audio D/A uses a single chip to perform conversion.

Power DAC

Discrete DAC

This audio D/A is a high power version of the Discrete DAC which is capable of driving a speaker directly.

USB Discrete DAC

USB Discrete DAC

This is a zero oversampling Discrete DAC with headphone output which can be directly connected to a PC to play audio up to 16-bit 48kHz.  As with the regular Discrete, it features a discrete R-2R network made from hand-matched resistors.

Relay Transformer Volume Control


This transformer volume control uses an array of relays controlled via. a PIC chip to change volume.


FinalCD screenshot

FinalCD provides a straightforward, high quality method of downconverting high resolution 24/96 audio from DAD discs or studio recordings to 16/44.1 CD format.

Ann Eliza

Ann Eliza Screenshot

A double precision FFT audio analyser that uses ASIO for audio I/O, and OpenGL for the graphics.